April 10, 2003 Episode 40: Getting Out of the House

We gave some thought this week about what the good life might be.  Is it simply a bunch of symbols of wealth that people act out in order to be regarded as rich by others?  Are there genuine experiences to be had that truly enrich our lives?  How important is it to be a part of the cultural centres of our social worlds?  We contemplate these questions this week in a conversation we had between ourselves, a previous conversation from our old radio show, Coffee Shop and old time radio clips.  Our conclusion:  talk about experience are culturally filtered, but getting out of the house is worth doing anyway.



We started out in radio with an internet show we called "Coffee Shop."


Basically, we took a tape recorder to a cafe and talked about the world while drinking a frothy beverage.


We found out that we can talk for a long time on a number of topics.


[INSERT  "The New Adventures of the Thin Man"]

Talking is an important part of the human experience.  Some might even suggest that it is central.

[INSERT "The Loves of  Dr. Susan"]

Last week we read an article in the local Victoria newspaper that examined ways the author quote, cranked up her lifestyle, close quote by doing things that the wealthy do.  In a postmodern conversation, we discussed how experience and talking about experience remain culturally filtered, as we examined the symbology of the good life in an episode we called "Getting Out of the House."

copyright by Pattie Thomas and Carl Wilkerson 2003


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